Bobby Bolton before being gene-slammed

Bobby (Robert) "Streex" Bolton, Jr. is known as the "cool' brother, self-proclaimed ladies" man. He's seen everywhere wearing his rollerblades, and he appears to enjoy extreme sports like street hockey, parachuting, and snowboarding. Later on, he demonstrates the ability to play drums professionally. When he transforms into Streex, he becomes a Tiger Shark. He gets his name from the purple streaks on his body. In the pilot movie (eventually to be episodes 1-3), he was originally called "Blade", due to his skills as a rollerblader. Bobby/Streex was voiced by Andrew Rannells in the 1994 TV series.


  • Streex was the first to turn into his shark form in Sharkbait and when he was changing back into a shark in ''To Shark or Not to Shark.
  • During the first 3 episodes of season 1, Streex was the only shark seen and known to use a weapon, mostly a wood staff or a pipe bent into the shape of a hockey stick.
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