Slash is a villain in Street Sharks​​​​​​.


Slash is one of Dr. Paradigm's first experiments with gene manipulation alongside Slobster. A swordfish that was also injected with the DNA of villains like Genghis Khan and Colonel Thomas Blood, it transforms into an anthropomorphic fish with a drill bit on its nose and a purple leotard. Slash speaks in a hissing lisp. There is a running gag in the series that revolves around Slash somehow getting his nose jammed in a wall and being unable to remove it. Slash also doesn't get along well with Killamari because Slash made a snide remark about Killamari's initial inability to talk and that Killamari is much more intelligent than Slash.

For some reason, Slash and Slobster weren't seen in Season Three and were assumed to have been dropped from the series.


  • Slash and Slobster served as Street Sharks versions of the TMNT villains Rocksteady and Bebop as they were a duo who battled the main heroes.
  • Considering the size of his nose-drill and the size and position of his eyes, it's a wonder he can see at all.