Shark Treatment is the fifth episode of the second season of Street Sharks​​​​​​, and the eighth episode of the series overall.


With the help of a mind-control serum, Dr. Luther Paradigm turns Jets Taylor into a killer whale mutant named Moby Lick to be his latest Seaviate.


Crimes Run Amock

The episode starts as we see a crook trying to crack the code to a safe and he succeeds. However, Streex was was waiting on the other side to handcuff him. 

Meanwhile, two robbers who seem to be a couple, stop a van on the street. The woman holds what seems to be a plasma assault rifle pointing at the drivers, while the man proceeds to steal bags of money from the van.

Shark Treatment03

This is a plasma rifle... No really, it is.


The man was loading the car with money, when Jab appears from the top of a building, threatening them to drop the loot or make them drop it by force.

The couple escape with the money, but Jab shark dives and goes after them.

The 'Guy in the Sky' appears and comments how it is deja vu all over again.

He said that the Fission City's police are on their way to investigate the crime, but the Street Sharks are already on the job.

Shark Treatment16

I guess I shouldn't have stolen the Klondike Bar...

Ripster is seen in the alleyway on his motorbike, waiting for a burglar to come out of a house. The burglar tries to get away, but is handcuffed swiftly by Ripster. He finds Jab going after the couple from earlier and encourages him to keep on their tracks. Ripster ties a handcuff to a pole, making the burglar spin in a circle then fall down. The police arrive afterwards to take the burglar in.

The couple speed through the highway, but unfortunately for them, Slammu and Streex come out from the surface and stop the car dead in its tracks. Jab stops as well, eating the backside of the car to get the money out. Ripster arrives shortly after and tears the top of the car to get the couple out. He gives them to the police and the police arrest them. After all that, the Street Sharks book it back to Shark Central.

Shark Treatment28

In other news, Fission City does smell like fish.

At Shark Central, we see that the news on TV are somewhat praising the Street Sharks for their help, but some still label them as 'foes'. Jab asks 'Foes? Why foes?', to which Ripster replies to him to get real, as to say that they are lucky to have at least 'some' friends.

Shark Treatment31

You imbeciles!

On the other hand, Dr. Paradigm is outraged by the news, saying that if the Seaviates don't capture the sharks soon, he's going to lose his usual 'sweet temper'. Slobster says that it shouldn't get to him like that. Paradigm becomes even more outraged saying that the sharks are undoing his 'good' work and that people are starting to admire the Street Sharks. To which Slash debates how can they catch the sharks if people start to help them. Killamari starts to demolish a chair, angry at the fact that if he can't catch them, he won't get even with the sharks. Paradigm stops Killamari to remind him that he doesn't want to hurt the sharks. He just wants to bring them to the laboratory for a few days to 'work' on their brain cells. We also see that he has yet another aquatic animal in a tank ready to be gene-slammed with... Somebody.

Gotta Jet!

We cut to a scene where Bends is with Jets Taylor at 'Humongo Burger'. Jets can't wait for the burgers to come, impatient, saying he has to 'jet'. Bends sees the similarities between him and Jab, saying that's he's just as impatient as he is.

Shark Treatment53

Bro... That's a jawsome bite right there.

Jets asks how Jab has been doing since he became a shark, to which Bends is a little reluctant to answer. The lady arrives bringing the burgers to them both, which Jets takes a huge 'jawsome' bite out of it. Bends notices this and says that his bite is second only to Jab.

Jets has to jet to an appointment with a doctor in a university to fix, in Jets' words, his chromosome type genes. Bends becomes suspicious and hopes that it's not Dr. Piranoid who's going to 'fix' him.

Dr. Paradigm welcomes him and another person in the office. He says that they may need some special genetic treatments. Jets and the lady are nervous, but Paradigm assures them that's it's nothing to be afraid of. He asks Lena to bring the compatibility serum so that he can give it to Jets. Afterwards the lady ask why she didn't get the serum, Paradigm answers that it would've been too dangerous to her, but adds that her condition might cure on its own. The lady becomes relieved and Paradigm leaves her.

Shark Treatment63

Just hanging around...

Paradigm returns to his office to see Jets offering him to take a seat and asks if he could get something for him. Making sure that the serum took effect, he asks Jets to get his pen on the flag pole outside his window. Jets accepts his task as we see him jump out and balance on the pole. He slips but held on at the last moment. To Jets' disappointment, he couldn't find the pen and apologizes to Paradigm. Paradigm sees that his 'subject's' compatibility serum or mind-control serum works perfectly on Jets. He calls Jets to come back in and says that his next phase of treatment is ready. They enter the elevator and go down to Paradigm's lab.

Shark Treatment73

Fu-sion... HA!

Killamari appears and orders Jets to move, to which Jets reluctantly tries to refuse. Jets spots the killer whale and compliments it, completely unaware of the fact that he's about to get gene-slammed with it. Killamari then throws Jets into the container and Paradigm begins the gene-slamming process.

The process ends causing Jets to break out of the container and start to mutate. The other Seaviates watch in shock. Paradigm becomes astonished, and calls the new gene-slammed experiment: 'Moby Lick'. He orders Moby to destroy the statue versions of the Street Sharks. Moby without questioning, obeys and exclaims that he HATES sharks.

The Heist

After destroying the statues, Moby recalls that he used to know the sharks back when they were humans. Paradigm praises Moby and says that this could be their advantage against them.

Shark Treatment83

He can see through the camera... OR CAn't he?

Meanwhile, the sharks are chilling in Shark Central, when Ripster notices a hotline, which is a 'Guy in the Sky' emergency alert. While Streex is curious to hear what he has to say while looking at a mirror, Jab thinks that it's just another traffic jam. When Ripster turns it on, they were surprised to see what it was about. Moby was invading Fission City's 'First Federal', and Sky Guy comments that he'd be a handful for the sharks. They set out to confront Moby.

Shark Treatment90

Yeah I would be pretty shook too if he could lift up a safe that heavy.

Terrified civilians run away from Moby, as he breaks down a wall, while he is also pulling what seems to be a safe. Sky Guy spots the sharks hustling towards the scene. The sharks find him and are just about to fight him, right when Moby starts to mock them and lifts the safe up with his bare hands. The sharks become stunned in his strength and Moby throws the safe at them. Luckily, the sharks got out of the way and are unscathed. Slammu prepares his Seismic Slam, but stops him with his elongated tongue. Ripster comes next, challenging Moby. Sky Guy confirms that while Moby does have a fin, he doesn't seem to be allies with the sharks at all. Ripster exclaims that he was going to tear him and his blowhole up. Which made Moby get an idea, he jumps in the fountain, sucking all the water into the blowhole. He then spouts the water onto Ripster, knocking him down. Moby roars in victory. We see Jab mad and can't wait to get his hands on Moby. A Seaviate van arrives, back doors open and Slobster calls Moby and says that it's time to go. Moby says his goodbyes to the sharks and that he's gotta 'jet'.

Smoke surrounds the area and the van vanishes. While Slammu is complaining how the smoke is worse than octopus ink, Jab noticed what Moby said before he left. 'Gotta jet!'. Jab supposes that it could've been Jets, his old buddy.

Mind-control Plan

Shark Treatment117

Hoo boy, this pizza is bout' to be KILLER!

Back at the lab, Slash is jealous and is complaining how Moby is a little cocky. Slobster laughs then jokes about Slash's nose. Slash is about to attack him, but Killamari stops him. He then tells them a plan he thought up to get back at Moby. Paradigm gives yet another serum to Moby, keeping him mind-controlled. He then asks Moby to call Bends, to tell them that they need to get their 'vitamins' as well. Moby sends a message to Bends in his normal voice, telling him to meet him at an old warehouse and at the end of the call, Moby acts as he got caught by the Dr. and his Seaviates. Bends takes notice of this and proceeds to call the sharks about this news. Streex picks up the phone, Bends tells him about the message and replays it for him. After Streex listens to the message, he and his bros immediately set off to the warehouse.

The Last Showdown and... Reunion?

Shark Treatment122

If we keep a STRAIGHT LINE, we would sense our surroundings better.

The sharks arrive, and just as they enter the warehouse, the doors behind them shut tight. They walk further until they hear Jets' voice, prompting Jab to call out for him and ask where.

All while Paradigm is monitoring them and activates a holographic fire ball flying towards them. The sharks run, but they also seem to be in a holographic landscape with a river. Jab starts to get thirsty because of the subliminal programming Paradigm made to make him feel that way. Ripster exclaims that there's no time for refreshments, and that they have to keep running. Ripster feels that there's something odd about all this, but still believes that it's real.

Shark Treatment132

But Paradigm, my pizza is here!

Paradigm orders Moby to call them again, then wait outside. The Seaviates put the plan into action, and to make Moby get a 'taste of his own medicine'. They close the door and activate a force-field, Moby tries to get out, but Slash says that it's 'whale proof'. Moby thinks it's no problem, because he wanted a round two against the sharks anyway.

Shark Treatment142

Wait... Where's my pizza again?

The sharks manage to Shark Dive through a boulder, escaping the holographic fire ball. Paradigm notices that Moby Lick is still inside the warehouse, and has a change of plans. He creates a holographic landscape of a bridge which looks similar to the Golden Gate bridge. Luckily to Moby, he knows that this isn't real. The sharks bust out of the boulder and Jab is the first to notice Moby standing there, waiting for a round two.

Jab asks angrily what has Moby done to Jets, to which Moby mockingly replies asking what would happen if he ate Jets for lunch. Jab yells that he would wrap Moby's tongue around his head until he told him the truth. Moby challenges him even further, saying to give it his best shot. The two run towards each other, they clash, clinch and begin to wrestle and struggle, trying to take each other down. 

Shark Treatment150

Round 2 Commence!

Paradigm sees that his plan B worked, and the fight between Jab and Moby is working up a Street Shark thirst. Jab manages to take Moby down, but seems to be sweating in the process. Jab, thirsty as he is, mocks Moby Lick while he is on the ground, but Moby does a reversal on him and returns his set of mocks back, all while Jab is now on the ground. Fortunately, Moby was sweating the mind-control serum out, and returned to his senses. Confused as to why he and Jab are fighting, he gets up and tells Jab that he was Jets all this time.
Shark Treatment156


Paradigm realizes his mistake and is about to flip a switch to activate another holographic illusion. Jab is surprised and asks Jets what happened to him. Jets begins to explain just as the Dr. flips the switch and the hologram bridge collapses. They are falling to their deaths while Paradigm is laughing. The sharks and Jets hit the ground, but Slammu thought that they would be dead by now if they had hit the ground from that huge height. Ripster finally realizes that this warehouse is like a 'holographic funhouse'. Jets says that he's right and that it was made to drink the water laced with the mind-control serum.

Shark Treatment169

"... Beautiful."

Unfortunately, Jab wasn't listening and saw a waterfall behind him and was too thirsty to resist. Jets bellows to try and stop Jab. Ripster calls Slammu for a big one, and they needed it now. Slammu does a Seismic Slam 9.5, which makes Jab trip and the warehouse crumbles. The Seaviates were outside running away, while Paradigm was inside, dismaying his failure as the crumbling pieces of the warehouse fall on him. The sharks and Jets get out of it unscathed.

Shark Treatment174

That was a WHALE of a thrill back there wasn't it?!

Jab thanks Jets for saving him from a mind-controlled fate worse than death, but says that he's still thirsty. Jets suggests that they jet over to 'Humongo Burger' and order chocolate shakes. Jab exclaims that it's a 'fintastic' idea, but unsure of what to call Jets now. By his normal name or by his gene-slammed name. Jets thinks that it's no big deal and says that Jets is history, proclaiming and accepting that everybody should call him 'Moby Lick'. Ripster accepts Moby's changes and welcomes him to the team...

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