Rox plays a set.


Melvin Kresnik before being gene-slammed

Melvin "Rox" Kresnik is a secondary protagonist in Street Sharks.


Rox is different to most of Paradigm's other "victims"  (i.e. Moby Lick) as his change was brought about by the consumption of mutagenic popcorn which was also laced with a mind control serum - this was only counteracted by something added to the salt by Dr. Bolton. What really sets him apart though is the way that his hair remained after the transformation, giving him a truly unique look in the world. The only other character to look as though they have any hair would be Slash, whose fin gives him the look of possessing a mohawk.

Rox resembles a mako shark, though no reference or image has ever been made to this. 

In the show

An ordinary human, Melvin ate some popcorn made by Paradigm as a testing run of a food based mutagen. Turning him into the newest Street Shark.

An extrovert, rather than hide away like the Boltons, Rox was able to pass of his body as a costume and use it as a gimmick to attain fame and fortune as a rock star.


  • Rox might be considered the Street Sharks version of Mondo Gecko from the TMNT series as both were rock stars before their mutations and still contained their human hair in their mutated state.