The Mechosharks

The Mechosharks are a race of robots from Street Sharks.


Appearing in Shark to the Future, and first identified by this name by Streex, the Mechosharks are Paradigm's Security Forces in a future he has created in which not only has he gene-slammed the majority of the populace, he has also created these beings as his own private police force.

With quite advanced A.I., one of these units even attempted to question Paradigm, but to no avail.

In Shark Wars, Dr. Paradigm's futuristic counterpart brings with him some Mechosharks to ensure that Dr. Paradigm develops a mechanism to alter the world's genetic codes by "New Year's Eve".

As a general note the design of "Makosharks" are highly most likely evolved forms of 'Shark-Bot' who shared a similar basic frame and appearance, even weaponary.

Although Mechosharks are obviously far more advance compared to Shark-Bot.