Manta Man

Mantaman is a protagonist in Street Sharks. Formally he was a human scientist.


As his name suggests, Mantaman is a manta ray/human hybrid. He strongly resembles one of the Sharks in terms of proportion. His arms have large, wing like webbing going from his wrists to his stomach, and two antenna-like protrusions on top of his head.

Despite the name, he also possesses the DNA of the space alien that attacked the space station he was on.

In The Show

As a human scientist named Dr. Terrence Morton, his space station was under threat from an alien invader at the time when Dr. Luther Paradigm wanted the alien DNA. Desperate to help the sharks win a losing battle, he injected himself with manta ray DNA as well as the DNA of the alien itself in order to 'think like it'. He succeeded and, realizing he could not be found unless he becomes a science experiment himself, left the station.

In Shark Jacked, it is revealed that he had a younger brother named Ryan who Dr. Paradigm, Killamari, and Tentakill kidnapped so that they can use him to hijack the planes carrying the Latonian President and the Coachnian President (who were coming to the United States to meet with President David Horne). By the end of the episode, he was able to gain the acceptance of his family about his new appearance.

During the episodes that had the Dino Vengers in them, Mantaman fell under the mind control of The Raptors. The Street Sharks and the Dino Vengers were able to free Mantaman from their control.

Powers and Abilities

Mantaman had strength proportional to his size and muscle mass as a humanoid manta ray.

His wing like webbing allowed him to glide.

The alien DNA made him immensely durable and allowed him to survive in the vacuum of space, as he was able to leap down to earth from a space station through the stratosphere with no permanent injury.


  • Mantaman is not the only character to have mutated himself willingly.