El Swordo

El Swordo n his fish

El Swordo before being gene-slammed

El Swordo is a character in Street Sharks.


El Swordo was a circus performer who worked with a large marlin named Spike.

In Satellite Sharks, Spike was abducted and used by Dr. Paradigm and his trainer sought them out in the desert. The two were eventually "fused" together resulting in a combination of memories, but is dominantly the human in action and personality.

In Shark Wars, El Swordo helps the Street Sharks and Mantaman fight the Mechosharks.

El Swordo remains active in entertainment having been on a Naval ship in one episode, exercising his skills with double swords by slicing fruit in half while they're in mid-air.


  • El Swordo is the only gene-slammed victim to keep the name he had when he was human.
  • El Swordo was supposed to get a figure by Mattel, but the toy never made it past production photos. Oddly enough, the toy features the same skin texture as his fellow Swordfish, Slash.
    El Swordo

    El Swordo action figure.