Clammando is an antagonist from Street Sharks.


Clammando is a half-man/half-oyster mutated Seaviate.


In Shark to the Future, an alternate future where Dr. Luther Paradigm had taken over the world featured Clammando as one of the mutated creatures on Dr. Paradigm's side.

Clammando's origin was later revealed. As a human, he was a dock worker who worked for Malcolm Medusa III. One day, he slipped from the dock and fell into the sea where someone had dumped barrels of toxic waste (why they where dumped right next to a dock or how no one knew about this is never explained) which had a large grouping of oysters surrounding them. The waste fused the man's and the oysters' DNA together turning him into a human/oyster hybrid where Malcolm fished him out.


  • Clammando is continually referred to as a clam even though he is clearly an oyster. This is likely for the sake of the name.
  • Clammando's toy has a periscope in his upper shell that allows him to close his shell but still look out to fire his explosive weapons. This periscope is clearly illustrated in the series, but never used.
    • Like wise, the Clammando toy never saw the light of day and was only used for production stills of upcoming toys. 
  • Clammando is the only mutant creature in Street Sharks not created by Dr. Paradigm.
    Clamando toy

    The Clammando toy